Son of a Boiler Maker, growing up in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne was a world apart from the world most of us know.

“Ray wasn't the brightest Kid at school, but is one of the sharpest tools in the shed”

1985 opened a distribution company that became the largest in Australia within 12 months.

He left school at 13 and by the age of 27 had turned over more than 90 million dollars… he couldn't read or write until he was 31.

However, the real education starts from failure, 1991 he was declared bankrupt and lost the lot!..

“His Father said there'll be days like this”

Self-employed from the age of 13, Ray has employed 100's of people and trained 1,000's of young people in customer care.

Today, Ray helps people get better results.

Managing Director - FarmWorx/BizSmart

Ray, an excellent, highly motivational presentation. I think the story of your life makes people realise that most things are possible and most importantly there is always an upside and an opportunity.