My Book

A street kid’s struggle to succeed… Anyone can!

  • Success & Failure go hand in hand - strange bedfellows. Faced with 3 choices at the time, end up a drug dealer , end up in jail or end up dead…
  • Crossroads & Roundabouts is a journey about the choices Ray had.

Crossroads & Roundabouts is educational and after you read it you may have a different perspective on how you live each day and what is truly valuable in life.

Some of what people had to say about Ray's book

Kerry Breeze

Hi Ray, congratulations it is a good read, I did read it in two nights and I did not lose interest at all. I have told several people about the book and have been asked for a copy. Can I purchase say 5 copies?

Giovanni Zeccola

I’ve just finished your book...thank you...what a movie talk...great, positive, a must read.

Kim Digby

Hi Ray, I have just finished reading your book. I thought it was fantastic, as I was waiting for my husband to have his radiotherapy treatment, (I am in the Holman cancer clinic), laughing and everybody wanted to know about your book, I have left it there for anybody who wants a good laugh and a good read thank you for your story you have had a very interesting life!!

Glenn Barratt

Got your book on Monday…finished reading on Thursday. Here's the thing Ray, and I've got to tell you, apart from a workshop manual for a Holden HQ and the exam paper for a ships master, your book is the only one I've read cover to cover in my life, I enjoy the read, I've passed it on to my son in the hope that he can relate to your battles and find inspiration and solutions to the shit he's in


We read your book while overseas, easy reading, Paul’s comment – what fantastic family support you have had during your life. You sounded like a scary character in those days – Both our girls are now reading your book – it will certainly open their eyes

Hi Ray, Just finished reading your book, What a great read, I can relate to so many things in the book like: 'life is built on deposits and withdrawals and as you get older you draw on those deposits and share those with others…' Time to change my life now!!!

Frank Romano

Ray I enjoyed the read immensely and then passed it on to Judy - she loved it!.. we look forward to book number 2!

Jillian Moran

Well I finished the book in record time.   I really enjoyed it, especially as the bits of the jig saw clicked in. I am going to get my husband to read it now.

Len Winestone

I have to say it has been one of the most enjoyable, down-to-earth and honest books I have ever read. You certainly have had a life of ups and downs (or should I say crossroads and roundabouts) and the way you allow us as the reader to see it (warts and all as they say) is just fantastic!


Just wanted to let you know that the book came in the mail last Thursday and in all honesty it’s been very hard to put down. I keep telling my husband he needs to read it – I think I’m getting on his nerves… but that’s my job.

Steve Plummer

Steve Plummer here (Mal’s copywriter you sent a book to), mate just wanted to say thanks, am about half way through and am loving your work. You’ve had quite a life! I’ve laughed a lot, had a small tear or two (don’t tell anyone) and have really liked the little pearls of wisdom scattered throughout. Well done.

Craig Claxton

How did your book inspire me? .. WOW! What a great read!! I have been in limbo about what I want to do with my life since being made redundant from Telstra, after 15 good years with. Currently I am self-employed as a Risk Insurance broker and if I'm honest with myself, it's not what I want to keep doing as it doesn't make me completely happy
In your book, you talk about following your dreams by doing what you want and by being true to yourself. Well, you'll be happy to know I took some inspiration from those words when I first started reading your book.
In February of this year, I fulfilled a life-long dream and signed up with a Talent Agency to do Acting and Extra's work for TV Commercials and Film. I haven't yet got that big break, but that's okay as it's something that will happen when the time is right.
I have also recently been offered a fantastic part-time job as an Event Specialist with the brand new Gold Coast Suns AFL team. I am now a Corporate Team Leader / Supervisor.
My favourite quote from your book is "People don't care how much you know, they only care how much you care". If everyone understood this statement, the world would change for the better I'm sure. I just want to thank you for your time and I hope to meet up again one day. Good luck with your future and I am happy we have crossed paths

Trish Mitchell

Trish Mitchell here - And like you, I have learnt to pay it forward. To that end, I have been thinking about things I have read in your book. I have really enjoyed your book; the world is a richer place for having you in it. There are times we all face that coward within us, you are a living testament to how things can change. It is said that it is the people we meet and the books we read that make a difference in our lives. I would add that it is also the choices we make. I'm glad I made the choice to come to that meeting and buy your book


At this point of time I am 2/3 through your book, as I am sitting in the sun in the back yard of my Gold Coast home reading your book, tears are running down my face! Haven’t been able to stop reading it. What a fantastic book, the most inspirational, emotional read for a long long time and I read a lot Ray, inspired me when I most needed it now I WILL get on with it. Thank you so much Ray for igniting my fighting spirit again, Lots of Hugs.

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