“Ray took our brief brilliantly and gave an enthusiastic and motivating presentation on ‘Build better business’. He captivated the audience by drawing on his own experiences over the past 36 years and with his humorous and upbeat style had our delegates riveted to his message on ‘Unity’. The feedback speaks for itself with comments like ‘Excellent – get him back to do more workshops; Sensational; Try and find another one as good; one of the best we have had; Ray is very inspirational; More, he lit the fuse!” excellent presentation.”
Mark Hancock - Chief Executive Officer NAFDA Limited

“Thank you Ray, you done a great job and were very well received!!”
Gavin Rogers CEO - Sir Walter

“Hi Ray, Firstly a HUGE thank you for a wonderful night, we have received excellent feedback and all our businesses were absolutely entertained and many of your “hidden” messages were really well noted. I was so excited about hearing you speak for the second time, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and would happily listen again and again. I will be telling anyone that requires a speaker not to miss you. You certainly added to the success of our night”
Karla Hudson - President of the Forbes Business Chamber

“Your presentation was excellent as within your presentation you had a solid message”
Ron Penny - Mayor Forbes

“Overall Excellent, Ray presented at the local Business Chamber breakfast, he then did the Opening session of the Business Summit and the full workshop day on the second day. This was the second year we had used Ray as well as using him for a Business Summit teaser last year, he was very, very well received and it was good to see him transition from keynote speaker to workshop presenter, based on Ray's involvement in the 2012 Business Summit and Workshops we have a number of delegates returning already for the 2013 event”
Grant Andrews- Relationship and Events Manager, 2creativemedia

“Recently I charged our Events Organiser, Brooke, with finding an interesting MC for the Regional Business Awards. Getting someone to come to Chinchilla was her first challenge. She found Ray Scicluna – Ray who? No one will know him. We need someone who is “known” to boost our ticket sales. “Trust me Jim, this guy is good”. We had no one else, so we went ahead and booked Ray. I didn’t meet him until the night of the event. I asked him how to pronounce his surname – he responded with “just call me Ray”. A man after my own heart, polite but with scant disregard for pomp and ceremony – I liked him immediately. It came time to introduce Ray to our audience, so far so good. Then he started his presentation. Bugger me I thought, he’s pretty bloody ordinary, I better get ready to dish out some refunds.......... Then it happened, he slipped into overdrive and had the audience captivated with his insightful, inspiring, informative and at times, hilarious presentation. The rest is history. He was a sensation. We can’t wait to get him back for our next function. He is so good at what he does. So good in fact that, if you hire him for a function and he puts on a poor show – I’ll personally give you your money back!”
James Strongman –CCCI PRESIDENT

“Excellent, Ray was just exceptional on the night and an absolute pleasure to work with. His presentation was well received by all the guests and we received nothing but positive feedback by our business owners and employees”
Western Downs Chamber

“Overall Ray was Excellent, Ray was a fantastic speaker who was only too happy to go beyond the brief by engaging with members in and around our plenary sessions”
Gerard Ryan - CEO ASOFIA National

“We had an amazing time on Saturday night and have received a lot of positive feedback, all thanks to your efforts and your wonderful & inspiring speech”
Brooke Bird - CCCI

“Hi Ray, thank you for your role in our recent National Conference, I know many people took a lot from your presentation. There were many discussions over the weekend about your topic and presentation style which is a great reflection of your ability to connect with your audience. your experience in retail also had an effect on our members as we had for the first time a Keynote Speaker who actually understood our industry”
Craig Watkinson - ASOFIA President

“Hi Ray, All members thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I personally learn a lot form you. Thank you again”
Danielle Mayes - Administration Assistant ASOFIA

“Wow what an opening... From the very beginning to the very end all delegates were enthralled with his story. The Moral being “It is never too late, you are never too OLD and never give up.” Something that we will all take into our personal and work environments.”
AHSPO Association of Hospital Supply and Purchasing Officers Inc.

“Ray, you are without doubt the most inspirational speaker that I ever had the fortune to meet. Thank you for the opportunity to meet you”
Frank Deutsch - Vic Parks

“Excellent, Ray prepared very carefully, he research our requirements. His presentation was very clever and funny, whilst making the points about business sustainability, based on the feedback from members, your session was seen to be of very high value – entertaining (particularly the slides on your Power point presentation) and impacting on their business issues. Members mentioned your energy and dynamic presentation, and also your availability after the session, to chat. Thanks again Ray for helping to make this Conference so successful for members”
Elizabeth White - Chief Executive Officer Victorian Caravan Parks Association Inc.

“Excellent, An electric presentations, taking us through his personal highs and lows... An enthralling story.... never give up .. Take a deep breath”
Barabara Storm - AHSPO

“Ray, I was pleased with the overall night and found the room was alive with laughter, entertained and had a good upbeat feeling throughout the night, thank you”
Tammie Clark - Acting President Quirindi Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you so much for a wonderful night - we have had fantastic feedback and many great comments on your enthusiastic and endearing talk”
Leigh – Parkes Shire Council

“Dear Ray, I would like to thank you the feedback received has been very, very positive. Comments received on the feedback forms.. motivational, very inspiring, funny and interesting, A life changing presenter, Very engaging, anyone can do it, Just wanted to get up and hug him, what a presentation”
CCIA Industry Development Manager

“Ray you have a rare talent which enabled you to analyse the causes of business failure, and then to turn that failure into a positive which you have not only applied to your own life but into a powerful message which can have a profound effect on others, I was mesmerized from start to finish”
OAM Chairman - Australian Business Week Limited

“Ray, I am a bit of a sponge when it comes to learning from others, I took notes on my serviette during your presentation.  I actually spoke to our playing group this morning and used two of my takeaways from your presentation.
I took quite a bit away from your style and the way you used PowerPoint and humour to drive your messages.  Some great slides! thoroughly enjoyable and some really good lessons”
CEO - Gold Coast Football Club

“Ray, the feedback I have had from all the members is that they thoroughly enjoyed your talk and took away some valuable lessons from it, a few commented that your speech gave them a bit of a kick to get off their bums and work on elements of their life and business that they had let drop! Personally I really enjoyed your upbeat manner and fun style of presenting”
President - ASAS Connections Club

 “Excellent, Ray you are dynamic as a speaker. I would have no hesitation in recommending you for any audience who wanted a highly entertaining and motivational speaker. You were very professional in your research you found out exactly what we wanted and you delivered. We received only positive feedback”
General Manager - NZ Collision Repair Association