Financial Services

“Hi Ray, our sponsor was delighted with your presentation and despite having the graveyard shift, the presentation was a complete success and perhaps one of the best we have had from a keynote. Your story was laced with a real sense of reality and the lessons learned from adversity everybody really got that and the comments afterwards have been extremely positive. The performance was inspiring, funny, honest and relevant. We were really pleased (delighted) to have you along. Thanks again Ray best regards – Paul”
Paul George Managing Director – MGA Insurance Brokers

“Ray offers a refreshing insight into a varied and productive life. Reflecting on the challenges he faced and more importantly how he overcome them to establish one of Australia's most successful franchise businesses, Ray tells his journey through a series of vignettes whilist reflecting on the importance of maintaining a good work life balance and surrounding yourself with great people who share an embrace your vision. Humorous and personal, Ray’s message strikes a positive chord with all members of your team”
Aaron Brooks Chief Executive Officer Harcourts Queensland P/L

“Ray Scicluna was excellent, rapid fire, strong messages, never ceases to amaze me, energy - messages - great slides, an old story, but modern presentation”
Carole Love - EA to Managing Director - AFS Group Limited

“Ray, very inspiring”
Vicki Pettit - AMPS Agribusiness Group

“Ray, Just came back from your talk at the Powerhouse, very enlightening thank you!”
Daniel Klump - Accountant B.Fin.Admin Chartered Accountants

“Ray, thank you again for presenting at the Securitor Convention in Singapore. I have attached a copy of the delegate evaluation data. Overall rating by all delegates – 'excellent 4.4 out of 5'”
“Entertaining and inspirational presenter. Most enjoyable”
“Motivational speaker with a good example for practices”
“This is an excellent session that should be expected in future conventions”
“FANTASTIC and ENTERTAINING - Great journey”
“Energetic presenter. Never given up”
“Ray was a great way to start the day”

“Having professional motivational speakers like Ray Scicluna sets us apart from our competitors. Having personally seen Ray present to M3, Financial Wisdom, Pivotal and Securitor it’s fantastic to see the audience appreciation. The feedback on Ray’s presentation from all of our key Dealerships has been brilliant”
AIA Australia Limited

“Excellent , Ray presents good solid advice from the heart; he doesn’t just say it – he means it and those that care to follow his advice will benefit enormously” 
Tower Australia

 “Ray, we have had a great response from our clients saying that your openness and down to earth approach has made them re-visit how they interact with staff and clients”
Director - Littley Financial Services

“Ray, thanks once again for the privilege of hearing your heartfelt life story to date at the My Adviser conference recently. What I found to be even more special was your actual journey: from humble beginnings to success, failure and then overcoming adversity to find success again but also in the person that you became.
You're a remarkable human being; moreover because you choose to have a positive impact on the lives of other people”
Relationship Manager - IOOF Investment Management Limited

“Ray, thank you for your wholehearted contribution to our conference. It was very well received and made a difference to our gathering.  I always find it a real challenge to structure a conference that offers something to all delegates”
Managing Director – My Adviser

“Ray, I wish to again thank you for “One of the most inspirational and also entertaining talks I have heard in a long time” at the recent Pivotal conference. Thoroughly enjoyed the way you communicated the message of “embrace change and not be afraid of it” – Loved the visuals. Glad to hear that Tower has booked you as a guest Speaker in Hong Kong and hope to catch up with you then”
Pivotal Financial Advisers (SA) Pty Ltd

“Ray, It was fantastic to meet you and I have walked away from your presentation with some great tools to help me in my personal and professional life.  Whenever I think about the slide where the clouds (God) is giving the finger it brings a smile to my face!!!!!!!! Thank you for being such a special part of our conference”
My Adviser

“Loved it!  an excellent presentation I think it was great the way you came on stage ‘gee do we have to listen to this guy for an hour?’, to blowing us out with your energetic, funny and brilliant presentation”
AXA Financial Planning Limited

“Ray, the highlight of the TFS Conference for me was your presentation. I really enjoyed the opening and was captivated from then on. You have great infectious energy and your message is clear and perspicacious”
Pace Financial Services

“Ray, thank you so much, I personally loved your presentation and I’ve had great feedback from our delegates. I also greatly enjoyed the looks of shock & worry from the delegates at the start of your preso. I’ll definitely be recommending you to others”
 Total Financial Solutions Australia

”Ray, I know everyone enjoyed meeting you and listening to your presentation! The feedback that we received was extremely positive”  
Suncorp Group Practice - Advice Solutions

“Ray, I’d like to say how impressed I was with your presentation. Thanks for sharing your insight and enthusiasm and I look forward to starting to make a CHANGE in the way I do business....for the better!
Your whole idea of taking life a little less seriously and keeping the important people around you to be successful was very inspiring. I agree that people make for a great business”
Director – Insure & Invest Market

“Ray, It was just fantastic to see you perform at the conference. Your address to me was just that (A performance)”
Director - Winestone & Associates Pty Ltd

“Ray, thanks for the invigorating highly charged presentation at the count conference.
Enjoyed every minute of it and my partner and I have come back with your strong message of "Caring for all" and choosing the attitude you want for the day”
Director -  Financial Synergy Group

“Ray, thank you for such a great presentation. We have just gone through the feedback forms, you have certainly created a fan club within the Advisers and other participants. I will certainly keep you in mind when planning future workshops etc”
Executive Manager - Pivotal Financial Advisers Limited

“Ray, I really enjoyed your presentation and I’ve just about finished the book you gave me.
You’ve provided me with some inspiration to change a few things in my life, keep up the good work”
Authorised Representative - Financial Wisdom Ltd.

“Ray, the presentation went very well and there isn’t a thing I could add or ask for. Even your efforts pre and post presentation were great and the fact that you interacted was great also. I believe you should be in the top 3 for the entire conference”
National Dealership Manager - AIA Australia Limited

“Hi Ray, It was a pleasure to meet you. I’ve already talked you up internally this morning as I really enjoyed your presentation, look forward to catching up throughout the year”
Sales Manager - IAS AIA Australia Limited

“Ray. great job … loved it!”.
State Manager - AIA Australia Limited

“Ray, thanks for your presentation, I certainly enjoyed it, and picked up a few pointers that I can now apply to my business” 
Millennium3 Financial Services Pty Ltd

“I have to say although you presented to a small group at our recent event, it was agreed through the survey that we conducted that it was by far the best hour we spent as a team for some time.  We have implemented your suggestions and our entire team are functioning better for it.  We look forward to having you back time and time again.”
Chartered Accountant, Jones Louros & Associates

“Ray, Thanks once again for delivering a great session, The AXA staff and advisers I spoke with thoroughly enjoyed your engaging, entertaining and thought provoking presentation”
National Manager – AXA  Financial Advice Network

”Ray, thanks again for a fantastic presentation you gave at the symposium. The feedback we received has helped raise our profile and made many of our clients sit back and remember what is important in life – people!
Thanks also for taking the time to come along and join us at the gala dinner, it was appreciated by all”
State Manager Vic & Tas - AIA Australia Limited

“Ray, it was a pleasure to hear your talk at the Financial Planning came at the right time...your words were very inspirational...and humbling...thank you”
C A – Chartered Accountant

“Ray, I enjoyed your story one of determination and belief in yourself and your gratitude for those people that have supported you. Your card is in my wallet and is a great prompt for me”
CRC Financial Services

“Ray, It was a great experience, both meeting someone as energetic and full on such as yourself and listening to your amazing story. Your story really did resonate with me, particularly the bit about the 'people do...make it happen'.  I will be working very hard with my people to achieve great things together”
State Manager WA - Adviser Services AIA Australia Limited