“Ray, without over exaggerating or jinxing our best intentions or wishes away, I can honestly say to you, the response from the whole group has been nothing short of amazing today. The positivity and feedback flowing with good wishes and ideas flowing already is & was amazing. At both our senior management meeting and the complete TFN team get together this was for me, when the penny dropped. The energy, the factual reality to your previous life experiences, all reflected where we as TFN have been, and more importantly want to go. It just came through, "loud and clear". Then, most importantly, in a language that "ALL", bar none, truly understood”
Lui Garozzo -Managing Director Total Food Network Australia

“We have run events for a number of years, and have never received such a positive response from our customers as we did for Ray. By far the best speaker and entertainer we have ever had. He hit the mark with our customers with his message and positive attitude”
Tony Wiggins - BASF Australia Ltd

“Hey Ray, We’ve had some fantastic feedback and the staff really enjoyed hearing you speak and sharing your story and experiences. You captivated the audience with stories from good and bad times, and was able to relate to some of the experiences we have as a company. We were left inspired with a lasting message about the importance of having fun, being passionate, and loving what you do. I’m sure our paths will cross again sometime soon! Thanks again”
Jay Walter General Manager -JWH GROUP PTY LTD

“Ray, your presentation certainly hit the mark It was very funny and got us off to great start today. I would be pleased to recommend you to others (and have already done so)”
Jenny MacMahon - Head of Environment - AGL Energy Limited

“Ray, Thx again for your services, everyone could not stop talking about it during the week, we all enjoyed your session and I personally found it very inspirational. I admire and respect people who have made themselves without any formal education in the first instance”
Brendan Maree - Interactive Intelligence Inc. - Vice President - Japan, A/NZ

“Hi Ray, You were a highlight, as you are probably used to hearing ;-) We are still quoting you so your messages have stuck. Thank you for sharing your hard-earned experience and inspiring energy…Just so enjoyable and engaging, you will be well recommended”
Jessica Veles inside Sales Associate – Interactive Intelligence Inc. Australia and New

“Hi Ray, thank you so much, we had a great time, and from the feedback I received from the team, you were really appreciated for what you said. You presented serious information but in a fun and energetic way, without forcing the message down people’s throats, you sent the message through laughter and their hearts. Really well done.”
ILVE & De Dietrich

“Dear Ray, the Eurolinx sales team would like to send our heartfelt thanks.
From your thorough background research prior to the conference to ensure that the presentation you gave was on point with our requirements to the ease engaging with you directly, it was a pleasure to work with you. You engaged our team using humour and thought-provoking questions through your imaginative use of multimedia. You certainly have a talent keeping an audience amused and entertained whilst teaching them critical life/work skills; it's a true gift you have. Your just simply know your stuff and know your audience and how to reach out to them. The feedback from our sales team was extremely positive, to the point which they quoted you throughout their own presentations during the conference! Thank you again for your enthusiasm and passion. Warmest Regards”
Jamey Colbert, Leia Hemphill Managing Directors - Eurolinx

“Ray, Thanks for your wonderful participation. I have received many, many great comments on your session and the impact it had on the staff”
Dave AustinBrand Leader Flight Centre Business Travel

“Ray, the feedback was excellent, see you again soon”
Tom Walley - Executive GM Flight Centre Limited Australia

“Hi Ray, I would like to thank you for providing an excellent presentation to our group. The feedback that I received was also exceptional”
Aaron Muirhead – ACCM General Manager Nudgee Golf Club

“Hi Ray, On behalf of the Management and staff who attended the session this morning, we would like to express our greatest gratitude for your fantastic and powerful presentation!
The staff are all talking about it. It’s great to see them so motivated and walking around with great smiles today, your powerful presentation has made a big difference in putting life into perspective and reminding us all that our point of difference is US!! The people!!”
RSL Southport

“Ray, you input was unbelievable as always. The apprentices are still talking about your stint.”
John Anderson - Apprentice Training Coordinator Xstrata Coal Queensland

“Hello Ray, Your insights were welcome and appreciated, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your journey The language and style you use is fun, engaging, warm and most importantly believable”
Peter Bates - Marketing Manager - Polyflor Australia Pty Ltd

“Ray, feedback on your presentation was great and was rated very high from all that attended”
Tim Donoghue – GM UNIGAS

“Ray, Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us all. You do a really polished, interesting, thought provoking and amusing presentation, I look forward to the Business Summit”
Angela Lavender - Trinkey Station

“Ray, Wow what can i say – you were unreal!! Thanks so so much for coming out and being part our Xstrata Apprentice Awards night.. I have had so much positive feedback, you have everyone talking that’s for sure! Everyone loved you, and how you present is amazing, by the sounds of it you will have more work within Xstrata”
Xstrata Coal QLD

“Ray, we valued your segment very much and the feedback was excellent”
Avery Dennison

“Ray, everyone that attended was extremely happy with your presentation and a number of comments were made about it being the best training that they have had since working with Hastings” 
Service Managers - Hastings Deering (Australia) Ltd. 

“It was a real bonus for all of us to be able to have dinner with you and pick your brain for a couple of hours. I have spoken to all the boys and we are all pretty keen to attend your training sessions with Ecosmart later in the year. As per your advice I have started to lock in a few networking outings within my local community and have also implemented sales meetings / training for my staff every Monday morning, it is already getting results and the feedback from the sales staff is invaluable for me as well. Thanks again mate”

“Excellent, Ray knew how to grab the crowd and his message came across well to the participants - he is now going to be in high demand from Hastings Deering”  
PA Departmental Secretary - Hasting Deering (Australia) Ltd 

“Ray, congratulate on a fantastic presentation, Inspiring stuff and I will be applying some of it immediately” 
GM Marketing - Davey Water Products Pty Ltd

“Excellent, I enjoyed his presentation better the 2nd time. I was able to sit back and really listen to all the messages delivered without worrying too much about the ‘performance’ factor. I particularly enjoyed again the ‘whole of life’ messages delivered and that ‘care for people’ is the key determinant of a successful business & life. It has to be! Over the weekend I immediately reprioritized my home goals with my wife to make sure I was on the 20% that really matter”
GM Marketing - Davey Water Products Pty Ltd 

“Excellent, very, very funny but also quite inspirational.  Certainly showed us a thing or two on how to hold the audience”
Market Manager - Spa & Water Treatment Davey Water Products Pty Ltd

 “Thank you Ray for making your time available to present to the Master Builders Association Gold Coast members, you captivated and motivated a very tough audience as our members are finding it extremely tough out there and we have had members speaking of catastrophic circumstances and at their lowest point in life, you came along and gave them hope and inspiration. Speaking from real life experiences our members could identify with you and your stories were very topical and hard hitting whilst being uplifting and entertaining - every single person in that room left happier and with a reinvigorated outlook on life. I personally know that you saved a couple of people’s lives that night!! Your presentation was one that many will not forget – thank you!!!”
Master Builders – Gold Coast

“You did a brilliant job of kicking off our managers’ conference. Our theme was “Managing and Building a Better Business” focusing on growing the business by increasing sales and net profit. Ray tailored his presentation to our company’s needs by doing his research, providing relevant information as well as feasible suggestions that the managers could take away with them. Additionally, Ray captivates and engages the group by utilizing his “hands on” experience in the real business world, humor and optimistic outlook in re-affirming our theme message, professional and easy-to-work with”
Director - UES International Pty Ltd

“I enjoyed it both times”  I liked the fast pace as it kept it interesting and kept the audience alive. The key messages that I took home, If you want success, you need to keep trying despite the setbacks. Thank you for your professional attitude after both performances, we appreciated it”
Market Manager  - Community & Irrigation Davey Water Products

“Ray performed well in a difficult semi outdoor environment at the dinner.  He took on board what we wanted to achieve and delivered a good presentation. His presentation was well suited to the atmosphere of the dinner and it left people feeling happy and entertained. Day 2 presentation, its purpose was to offer a teaser to customers as to what to expect from a two day course with Ray. Once again the extreme pace was utilised, many topics were covered and Ray entertained the customers as well as getting some messages through, a couple hit home for me which was great. Overwhelmingly I like the way Ray involved himself in our business, his preparation with customers to experience our business and the type of people who are involved. He learnt from this and included it into the presentation which resonated well with me and my customers. Since the session I have had many customers mention pieces of his presso that they are thinking about in their business and their anticipation of the two day course to get into some detail. His preparation was instrumental in getting this response and it gave him credibility with the audience”
General Manager - EcoSmart Hot Water

“Ray, thank you for an excellent and motivating presentation, your presentation was well received and a number of the younger employees are extremely motivated.”
HR Manager - GRUNDFOS Pumps Pty Ltd