“Hi Ray, Great presentation!”
Mark da Silva – Director concept marketing

“Ray, Excellent, You delivered ahead of expectation, and your execution was flawless, a true professional. ‘You get it’ having been in business you diligently went about researching your audience and your delivery was clear, concise and accurate. You followed the brief, and your referral to your experience and our business did not sound contrived, as it sometimes does. You jampacked the hour, and everybody was pleased, including our CEO”
Peter Crowe GM Marketing Bidvest

“Ray, The Retailer Experience event was outstanding and the feedback from both external & internal stakeholders has been remarkable - it's by far the most successful event we've held to date.
We commissioned a post event survey where we asked our retailers a number of questions regarding the event, they stated that the guest speakers were their key highlight over anything else.
We also asked to rank overall day session content in terms of enjoyment and relevance to their business - I'm sure you'll be absolutely thrilled to discover that overall your session “Creating Magic Moments” was ranked #2 in terms on enjoyment and #3 in terms of overall relevance to their business - well done!
Many thanks for adapting your content as requested - 'it hit the spot'
We'll be sure to keep in contact for future events.”

Jeff Williams - BAT Head of National Accounts

“Ray, The feedback I received from retailers and exhibitors at the conference was ORSM. They were all very impressed with your presentation”
Tearna van den Bosch - Finance & Administration Manager - Tasmanian Independent Retailers

“Ray, thank you so much for supporting the event! It was truly appreciated and we have already received some great feedback – thank you for working in partnership with us. On a personal level it was great to meet you and I personally took away some great lessons – and you are so right – important to keep having fun!”
Lorie Helliwell - Managing Director Ogilvy Impact

“Hi Ray, Thank you so much for adding value to our Conference. I loved the way you started off your presentation because I guess a large number of members were thinking, oh my god this is heading in the same direction as last year’s presenter. You hit the money on a number of issues. There was never a dull moment and for an hour and forty five minutes you had everyone in the palm of your hands. I do see the possibility of utilising your skills further on a different topic when we next have our annual conference, so please keep in touch”
Michael Elliot - Business Development Manager Sleepmaker Australia

“Ray, everyone valued your speech and the detail you went into. There were so many valuable messages to take away from the presentation and all the various facets ensured that everyone was able to take something”
Sophie Went - Trade Marketing ALM/HOP Southern Region

“Hi Ray, I just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of the Beds R Us group for your keynote presentation. I personally found this very inspiring, valuable and entertaining and I know the members also felt the same way. I did hear someone comment that the need someone like you to get them motivated each morning”
Kristy Heslop - Marketing Executive Beds R Us

“It was a pleasure to spend time with you and hear from someone that has done it as a “regular joe” Your insights were great to listen to and in most cases you've just reinforced to me that I'm heading in the right direction when it comes to people and relationships within business”
Bosh Talarico - Operations Manager IBA

“Just wanted to say thanks, very inspiring and great food for thought and thanks for making me realise the stuff that I should be doing, I will make a point of showing people how much I care”

“Your Overall Grading: 9.999 (we all have room for improvement)
Ray was superb – he took the time to get to know our company and our clients prior to his keynote and tailor his presentation accordingly. He hit a chord with every one of our delighted delegates, he went the ‘extra mile’ in staying for dinner and then for the next day’s business session to meet (and hug) as many of the delegates as possible. He is generous not only with his time but his intellectual property, a room full of very satisfied, invigorated and inspired clients, armed with the tools they need to make a difference to their business. I can’t thanks Ray enough”
KPSS Australia

“I'm sure you have met a million people who thank the living daylights out of you, and I’ll be another one. I saw you at the Goldwell Conference and I won your book by making a paper aeroplane. I am pretty certain you have changed my life and I am so grateful. I am only saddened that I may never see you again and feel the inspiration that you extended at the conference. Your book is awesome, you are awesome, and if I just make one person feel how you made me feel I will be a contented girl. THANK YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH”
Amanda J. Harris

“Just wanted to thank-you for a great presentation, the gift of you book and the kindness of your time in the Hunter Valley”
Educator / Facilitator - Essential Hair Education

“Ray, you are certainly the talk of Neways at present...with everyone who attended and listened to your amazing presentation are very excited.....Ray I like the way you tell it as it is.... people can relate to this in their own inspired me through your honesty...Good to see you are going to be a guest speaker at the Main Event”

“Ray is a pocket dynamo.  He delivers a powerful, edgy, inspirational message in an absorbing and clever way.  Yet the message is backed with the experiences of his life, the trials and tribulations, the successes and the failures………….just as life is.  The ultimate message he leaves you with is delivered with an honesty not usually seen in this type of forum…..refreshing and positive”
General Manager - Austral Insulation

“Ray, Thanks so much. I enjoyed your presentation and especially enjoyed sitting with you and talking over dinner. Your work and your story is a wonderful reminder to us all of the possibilities that exist in all of our lives. I know it gave boost to me and also someone else from our business as well”
The Navigator Network

“Ray, the Magic moments talk you gave, was totally inspiring to listen to and certainly put a bit of fire in the belly”
MINIT Franchisee

“Ray, May I say, as a husband, father and small business owner, I believe we all need a kick in the butt to keep us on track no matter our age. You gave me a couple last night. Thank you and keep doing it your way”
P.K. Removals

“Ray, Great presentation, I really liked the fact that there was a big focus on being happy. I don’t believe that you can consider yourself successful unless you are also happy, your fast speed radiated energy”
Managing Director - Robins Kitchen

“Ray, we thought your presentation was excellent, really hit home and gave us a well needed laugh. It was great for us to hear your story, of a man who was on top of the world, lost the lot and clawed his way back through hard work and determination, well done Ray”
Director - A . D . Nelson Electrical

“Excellent presentation that was humorous, thought provoking and reflective of the general attitude of people. Delegates who attended the presentation have not stopped raving about it and the messages it contained”
Southern Region Manager – Australia Davey Water Products Pty. Ltd.

“Once again as I mentioned at the conclusion of the conference I have attended a lot of Functions over time but the highlight for me was Ray’s presentation, the way he executed it and its content”
Pools and tools

 “Energy, enthusiasm, life, spirit and passion, apply the word ‘extreme’ to each of those and you have you. A view I gained having experienced one of your presentations”
Director - Fixtronics Sales P/L (NZ)

“Ray, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and wished it was longer. I only wish I could present in the same capacity and teach people as you do.”
Business Development Manager - National Retail | Synnex Australia