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“Hi Ray, we are getting some great feedback! We are very grateful”
Meg Boers - Senior Event Producer - Creative Services

“Dear Ray, I wanted to share with you some of the feedback that we canvassed from the team about the presentation so energetically delivered! Experience for everyone was really positive and something that we would no doubt do again. Ray, as I mentioned to you, it’s been a while since I have been taken on such a brisk and action-packed speaker’s journey and I am not alone in thinking that”
Stephan Wurzinger - Managing Director, MCI Australia & Regional Director

“Thank you Ray the weekend was a huge success and there is a definite buzz around all of our DC’s this morning. You certainly have a lot of fans at TFN, The value you added was sensational and I know that everyone took a lot both from a business point of view as well as a personal point of view”
Vicki McGown - Corporate Services/Marketing Manager

“Dear Ray, thank you for a powerful and highly engaging presentation 'Creating Magic Moments'. Over 500 staff attended the day and feedback has been outstanding.
We have had a fantastic response from our staff”
Mary Campbell – GM TAFE Queensland

“We were lucky enough to have Ray Scicluna deliver a tailored workshop and facilitated session at our recent Morris Leadership Conference.
From the first scoping meeting with Ray he listened and asked insightful questions to understand the Morris business. The design of the workshop was spot on based on our requirements. The learning outcomes we were looking for were delivered, and delivered with passion and enthusiasm. Ray was the highlight of the conference and had the participants challenging existing paradigms, and talking about his “Leadership Style” I would have no hesitation in recommending Ray, a genuinely entertaining facilitator.”

“Ray, Oh my God! I didn't know your book was going to be so r-rated not sure if I can handle fall the r-rated stuff??? (haha) Loved your session...very inspirational and certainly motivational! I was able to take quite a bit from it and I'm sure others would make the same comments. I will certainly be doing all I can to encourage corporate office to book you for an annual conference”
Leanne Burkhardt - Business Owner, Harcourts Mudgeeraba

“Ray, Thank you for such a fantastic morning !! It's great to be inspired!, I am looking forward to reading your book”
Jodi Russell - Business Owner, Harcourts

“Excellent Ray, the feedback was fabulous, thanks again... You were brilliant and a perfect choice as our keynote opener for two separate events as you were able to ensure all delegates gained an immediate connection to the event and put them in a frame of mind to take away and ensure they had an enriching experience. Your humour, knowledge, experience is a perfect combination for a rewarding experience for any delegate”
Lori Modde CEO, Lorick Management Pty Ltd - Outback NSW Tourism Organisation

“Ray, As far as your key note address was concerned you totally inspired me and gave me hope for the future. You know business is tough these days and sometimes it’s frustrating when your best efforts simply don’t work... so thank you for your honesty and sincerity and helping me to refocus on the things that matter”
Director, Southern Cross Hotel

“Ray, Loved your session. It shone like a beacon compared with all the others”
Geoff Anson - Director, Global Sales & Marketing

“Excellent, Ray goes over and above what is expected. He is down to earth, professional and ensures that he had an understanding of our business and our needs. It isn’t just an MC job to him, he takes on the whole project to ensure it is a success, whether it be keeping the day flow nicely, setting up cables and computers or socialising with our attendees. He is entertaining, honest and motivational”
Leisje Smith - Event Coordinator, South Coast Regional Tourism Organisation

“Ray, Your speech was great – informative and entertaining. Our audience got a lot out of your session, which showed through the amount of questions and interest you had following your keynote. It was a pleasure working with you and I’m sure we will get the opportunity to work with you again in the future”
Maeve Belshaw - Senior Consultant Ogilvy Impact

“Ray, It was a delight & a wise choice engaging your services for our Business Development Conference. You were extremely helpful in our prior discussions to ensure that the product you delivered hit our business targets, development & motivational needs for our team. Your presentation really was fantastic, energetic & your attention to detail was spot on. You provided a well balance delivery embracing your personal business successes, pitfalls, value of quality customer service & relationships and how you incorporated parts of your life & humour into the presentation. A great and humorous slide show accompanied a very energetic delivery. I now understand why you did not need a coffee beforehand. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any business organisations”
Dennis Smallcombe - Business Development Manager Careers Australia

“I tell you Ray was one of the best speakers I have ever worked with – that guy is wonderful. He not only holds an audience in plenary and workshops but really gets involved throughout the event. I would recommend him to anyone!!! Ray definitely left a positive impression on our franchisees and team and we thank him for being involved throughout our conference. I know that some of the Franchisees have asked for his contact details as they would love to have you speak with their teams!”
Amy D'Cruz - National Training Manager Choice Hotels Australasia Pty Ltd

“Ray was great – he made a significant contribution to our Conference. He did lots of homework and all his messages were tailored to our industry and the specific needs of our business right at the time. His energetic delivery at the plenary session ensured great attendance at his workshop and he delivered in spades”
David Bayes - CEO Choice Hotels Australasia Pty Ltd

“Hi Ray, Thank you so much for a fantastic and entertaining evening. Everyone was ‘raving’ about how fabulous you were! You certainly surprised Lino with the first couple of minutes of your presentation, and he was extremely relieved when you transformed into the inspiring speaker that you are. So it definitely had the desired effect”
Angela Fitzgerald - Executive Assistant Aspen Parks

“I wanted to say THANKS a MILLION for being you and delivering another fantastic presentation! We've had excellent feedback and a number of the top leaders sent emails to the company yesterday recommending you as a Guest Speaker for future Leadership Forums and Convention. (500-2,500 attendees)”
Jean McDonald Smith - Billion Dollar Blind Spot

“Ray was a huge hit and “absolutely captivated the audience”. He attended some earlier keynote sessions during the day to learn about the group and used some of the “in” jokes and industry material to customised his presentation. The audience loved that he became part of their group and attended their dinner in the evening. Overall they felt that Ray was really inspirational with a wealth of knowledge. The only challenge that they felt was that his story is so dynamic that there was not enough time to delve into many intriguing areas of his business experience”
Karen Gilbert - Renegade Management

“Ray - your energy is infectious, Can't wait to see you again - thank you for making a difference, all delegates gave you an overall rating of excellent. Comments from the delegates included: Fantastic, Great energy, very motivational and thought provoking”

“Ray, I believe that this year’s MBE content was both applicable and immediately actionable. Your presentation was informative, stimulative and beneficial in many forms but for me in particular, it was in the elements of team energy and attitude and creative local marketing that impressed me”
Director Of Sales - Goldwell KMS

“Ray, I thoroughly enjoyed your talk the other day, the messages on your business card are fantastic to keep close and read often”
Speedy' Spiteri Business Efficiency Specialist

“Ray, thank you so much for your presentation today, I thoroughly enjoyed the content, and your presentation style. A fabulous session with just amazing content of your real life experiences”
StreetSmart ADVISOR - Sunshine Coast

“HI ray, they rated you as “Excellent - Inspirational, energetic, enthusiastic and genuinely passionate. In addition, Ray was very helpful with the set up prior to his presentation and also helped out with the other speaker’s presentation which was great considering this is a new format for us to entertain clients”
Director - Successful Speakers

“Ray you were inspirational and just what our Team needed, an hour went all too quickly and I would happily sit through the whole entertaining talk again”
General Manager - Radisson Resort, Gold Coast

“Ray, you inspired a lot of people in the room and you would be welcome back any time. You were a massive hit, and I just hope that the students do something with the knowledge”
StreetSmart Advisors

“Ray you truly were the highlight of the Burson’s Sales Manager Conference. Your session was informative, fast paced, hard hitting, hilarious, entertaining and inspiring for all attendee’s,  Your research on the company & their objectives for the conference was excellent. Was a fantastic way to kick off the conference and created a real sense of team spirit and motivation for all guests. I would highly recommend you to any business that needs a dose of true inspiration for their team!”
Project Manager – alive

“Ray, I personally got a lot from your keynote as manager of our team.  the online survey feedback about your presentation was fantastic – all incredibly positive and a number of small business owners that have expressed great appreciation for your words about what’s important – people and culture – something that has been my greatest focus since working here and I think it’s finally paying off. And thank you too for staying and chatting with our clients – they loved it”
Manager - Littley Financial Services

“When I recommend Ray Scicluna to my clients they will be receiving value for money.  Ray’s energy is viral – you can’t help be inspired by this man, his motivation spreads through the room like wildfire.  Ray’s life story is an inspiration for anyone who wants to achieve success.  As a keynote speaker Ray is entertaining and informative.  As a business man, I cannot recommend anyone better to help to grow business; Ray just knows how to do it”
Director - True Colours Group

“Ray, you were great, you hit the mark perfectly for our audience.”
BC Rollers Area Leader - Flight Centre

“Hey Ray, your presentation was excellent. Loved the opening and have never seen someone use visuals quite so effectively”
Area Leader - Island Force

“Ray, I had the pleasure of being in the audience yesterday whilst you spoke. Thanks for making me laugh and giving me a bit of perspective and motivation I was so in need of”
Escape Travel

“I had never seen Ray present before, His audience had been there since 8am, after a big cocktail night the night before, they had a number of boring staff members present to them all day and were to go to a dinner that night just a half hour after the end of the conference day.  Ray's job was to effectively wake them up.  He did this with a surprise start that nearly freaked me out, then took to the stage and had them laughing, clapping and enjoying everything he had to say.  There had to be about 800 people in the room and it was a dark room too. His messages, as he got into the presentation, were relevant and wise, I particularly liked the "Care for your Customers' messages he pushed.  They resonated with me and I could hear a few on my table support my thoughts on that.  He talked about Being Confident dealing with your clients.  He spoke about the importance of the culture of your business and about how well you treat others, about being aware that customers’ expectations are always changing so you need to keep abreast of this, he strongly delivered the message of Reviewing your business every six months and the importance of empowering your team” his 'hard hitting' presentation gave the client what he wanted to a "T"”
Business Development Manager - ICMI Speakers and Entertainers

“Ray, You’re a legend!, I think you have a very interesting story to share and mate the story will not finish for a quite a time to come. Love Your Work”
Director Professional Comic Speechmaking