High Energy
These are energetic, informative and fun business sessions, that are sure to hit a chord with everyone.
Audiences between 16 to 60, from gardeners to CEO’s all walk away informed and entertained.
  1. Rising Above the Ordinary
  2. Attitude Gets It Done
Key areas that are addressed in these presentations:
  • How mental stimulation impacts on a person’s ability to succeed.
  • How real confidence is demonstrated by action.
  • How the attitudes and the habits you embrace create the harvest you reap.
  • How to keep green and grow.
  • How to plan and live your life more by design rather than by default.

General Manager Choice Hotels Australasia Pty Ltd

Ray - great job last week, really enjoyed your sessions. I just got home to my wife and 3 daughters and have written on the inside of my wardrobe your words- “the best things in life are not things!” That phrase was a great take away for me and I thank you for it

Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment Pty Ltd

Excellent, your quick humour and business advice was very effective in getting our dealers to have a re-think on what their priorities should be, you hit the mark precisely