In these highly stimulating and entertaining business presentations, Ray delivers practical and proven ideas for business people, to maximise opportunities and increase productivity.
  1. Ready, Aim and Fire - be prepared, know your target and hit your mark
  2. Create Magic Moments - exceed customer expectation
Many businesses are confronted with shrinking markets on one hand and increasing costs on the other.
The key to success will depend on just how much more effective you can be and how much extra you can actually deliver over your competitors. Beautiful packaging and slick marketing on their own will no longer cut it.

1. Ready, Aim and Fire - be prepared, know your target and hit your mark

We all live in the business world of sameness, so why should people make a decision to support your business over another?

How to build business in challenging times:
  1. Develop a point of difference
  2. Have a people focus culture
  3. Never turn off the marketing machine

Key issues that can be covered in this presentation.
  • Identify what works and what doesn’t.
  • Attract new clients, keep old ones coming back, and get more from the ones you have.
  • Create a point of difference in the minds of your customers.
  • Hit your mark with practical low-cost and highly effective marketing, the right offer to the right customer.

2. Create Magic Moments - exceed customer expectation

For every business, private or public, large or small, now is the time to seize the competitive advantage with higher levels of service.
  • Recognise and overcome the basic reason why people stop doing business with you.
  • Deliver service excellence and create magic moments.
  • Defuse complaints and turn them into opportunities.
  • Maximise team commitment.
  • Measure the moments of truth.
  • Reward your team, what gets rewarded gets done.
  • Build rapport quickly and easily.
  • Focus on the positives aspect of dealing with people.
  • Build confidence in your people.
The last decade has delivered dramatic change. The business fundaments have altered dramatically and what you did in the past doesn’t apply today and in many cases is wrong for tomorrow.

It’s not enough to have the best product anymore; you must embrace new customer values and experiences to grow your business.